Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Brookses in the Wild, Wild, Wild, Wild West Days 6/7

Well, Texas has been having tons of rain. Like, tons. Or inches or whatever measurement for rain. Enough to hide the dinosaur tracks in the creek beds of Dinosaur Valley State Park where we were supposed to spend day 6 and enough to disappoint my three favorite girls who were very excited about that day. So that stunk.

Bright side for mama, though!!!!

We simply called our campsite in San Antonio and added another night on and drove there by way of Waco! 

Why is that exciting?

Because Chip and Joanna Gaines, stars of HGTV's Fixer Upper, ship-lap users extraordinaire, and whom I know would be our BFFs if they would just get to meet us, have a store there called Magnolia Market! 

And why is that exciting?

Because we got to go there!!

Look at the excitement:

It actually is a neat campus, quaint and full of life and more of a destination than just a shop. There's a bakery, a stage, a large green space with balls to throw around (the police officer who is stationed there was tossing football with a group of boys - way to go, Men in Blue!) and corn hole and lawn jenga, food trucks, Christian music blaring and Baylor students working everywhere, anxious to help you enjoy your time. It feels like Chick-fil-a: everyone is helpful, enjoys their job, is actually pleased to assist you. Definitely worth the two minute bypass off the interstate if you are close to Waco. 

Also I bought a darling butter dish and that makes me feel like I'm taking home a little piece of my BFF, Jo.

We made it on down to San Antonio after that brief stop, eating at a Whattaburger on the way. We cannot figure out the big deal around that place. Seemed like Sonic burgers to us. We drove through Austin and I took some "fabulous" photos out the car window.  

After we got settled into our campsite we drove three miles into downtown San Antonio and took a boat ride on the River Walk. Also well worth your time if you are ever close to San Antonio. We were able to see so much of the city and the amazing buildings. And the River Walk! What a great space. We love you, San Antonio!

Day 7

We started today by sleeping in a little since we had this extra morning during which we were supposed to be driving. And a week into this adventure, we all desperately needed it. 

When we exited our camper, we realized it had apparently moved onto the surface of the sun whilst we slept. San Antonio is HOOOOOOT! That looks like "hoot" but I'm trying to emphasize the hotness, ok? 

So we got to the Alamo about 10:00 am, and we were excited! This was going to be something to remember! (hardy-har)

By the time left the Alamo...

We were too hot to give two figs about Texas history. One child, who shall remain nameless to protect her identity said "I only just finished first grade! I don't even know any history! Who cares?"

For real pro tip though: when you visit places like this, do the tour, or rent the audio tour. It really does make them so much more interested and involved. Some places have audio tours specifically for kids. Don't they look interested and involved here?

Lunch on the River Walk at Casa Rio (first Mexican restaurant, opened in the 1940s) revived everyone though, and we were ready for the next adventure.

Which happened to be riding an elevator to the top of this

so we could look out over the whole state of Texas. One girl in particular wanted no part of that so we did the tough parenting thing and said, "You have no choice! This is what we are doing! Quit fussing! And you can have a frappuccino when we get down if you'll go!" 

(We are available to help you parent if needed.) 

There were some good views from up there, but the girls were definitely happiest once we were back at the bottom.

We came across a really fun park on the walk back across the surface of the sun to our car.

And since then have been swimming, playing ping-pong and scootering around.

Tomorrow is a big day and this wine won't drink itself.



  1. It took me about 7 minutes to visit the Alamo, as it was 108* the day I went. Check the box and move along.

    1. Eva was done after seven minutes for sure. It took the rest of us around eight. Box: checked.


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