Monday, June 5, 2017

Brookses in the Wild, Wild, Wild West (Day 5)

First of all, I just want to say how bizarre it is that we are actually on this trip. Preston and I keep saying how surreal it feels because the first time we mentioned it to each other was in the Fall of 2014 and Summer 2017 sounded like it was so, so far away! We got serious about it in 2015, saving and researching and planning, and it got really real last summer when we made the plunge into the camper purchase and started making reservations. It still always felt far - like a dream. But here we are, doing it, and so far enjoying it (although there was a tense map moment) 

Our days are full and we are tired. Everyone went to sleep so quickly last night. 

After someone flicked the switch on the coffee and brewed it at 10 pm. 

And after we watched the NBA Finals game and analyzed every shot and rehashed all of Michael Jordan's superiority to all who dare to play the game today. 

And after one girl's lantern crashed down from her bed, reigniting the giggles that had just settled down. 

So not quickly at all. 

But everyone slept and has been sleeping well which was a concern of mine in this 200 square foot trailer in which we might as well be sleeping in the same bed and considering we never let our children spend even their first night home from the hospital in the same room with us, we are not fans of the family bed. For our own personal selfish reasons, which include I like to actually sleep of course, but still. Not fans.

Our first stop this morning was the Dallas Zoo. This zoo beats all the other zoos I have been to, including San Diego. We had perfect weather, the animals were playful, it isn't far between exhibits so the "my legs hurt" whining factor didn't come into play until much later in the day than usual. Five stars for sure. 

This gorilla, who turned her back right as I snapped the pic, is named Hope. So of course...

This tram takes you above the hippos and chimps and also enables you to see some exhibits you wouldn't otherwise get to see. (for a "small" extra ginormous fee)

The girls got to feed the giraffes some lettuce leaves and pet their noses. That was a highlight for all three. The tongue of the giraffe is insanely long. 

We ate lunch in a restaurant that had a full window into the lion habitat. This little lion was born on March 17 of this year, which happens to be Lillian's birthday. He kept coming to entertain the diners, and the momma kept coming to take him away. It was probably the cutest thing I've ever seen.

After the zoo we went into downtown Dallas to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. It was very fun, lots of interactive exhibits, such as coding a robot, playing freeze tag with robots, and running sprints against a tyrannosaurus Rex.
And fossilized poop. Which makes two blog posts in a row where I've had to type that word.

We ended the evening at the grassy knoll, where we somehow ended up getting a pseudo-tour from an awesome guy named Miguel who may have been homeless, but really knew his stuff, so it worked out. Lots and lots of questions from the girlies about why we handed him a $20 and did we really think he may have been an angel in disguise? So we prayed for Miguel and would love if you would, too, when you read this. 

And Miguel may have bought a little (or a lot) into some of the conspiracy theories surrounding President Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald, which the eldest girl caught onto and really questioned us on, which resulted in a Face Time session with the oldest folks we know (Mom and Dad) to find out their version of the decades old mystery.  

This is the building from which the shots were fired, second window from the top with the small white rectangle in the bottom corner. 

Miguel turned out to be a decent photographer. 

Our plans for tomorrow have changed a little due to some flooding in the area, but I'll fill you in in the next post.

Grace (and pray for Miguel),


  1. I love the gorillas at any zoo and have to be pulled away by my companions as I would stand there all day long. I love when they get close to the glass and look at us just as full of curiosity as we are of them. And I like to think that they think that maybe it's the humans who are the exhibit and they the spectators. -Valerie Mangrum

    1. I definitely think that gorilla thought Preston was crazy. The chimps were so cute. That one just played with the girls and paced back and forth. He looked like a little old man.


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