Sunday, February 12, 2017

Green Grass and Septic Tanks

I've had four people ask me about blogging just this week, which is so sweet and kind and helped me remember I have this blog! So I thought I'd just let everyone know all at once where I am

Three things:

1. I'm busy. I am so busy working and being Wife and Mom and Daughter and Sister and Friend and that is all I can do. And somewhere along the way I think I kind of got convinced I needed to do more, which is a flat out lie. My smallish life is enough. So while I do love to write and absolutely love to hear your stories, it isn't in the cards for now. At least not as often. But you never know when I'll have a tale that has to be shared, so I'm not going away completely.  

2. Our kids are getting older. They care about what I post and say about them. And while I do think they live here and we own them (Preston recently told one, "You owe us a hundred million dollars. When you pay us back you can make your own decisions.") and I can post whatever I want, I love them more than clicks or numbers and don't want to shame them. Most of my writing comes from mothering, because most of my life comes from mothering, but I want to be respectful of their little hearts and minds. If I post something they have seen it and approved it. 

3. I do plan on blogging throughout our big road trip coming up in June, so you are definitely going to want to tune in and see if Preston and I are still married what a great time we have during that month.

So know I am here, depending on the Lord to help me savor all this crazy I've been handed, wondering, "Why is the grass always greener over the septic tank?" 


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