Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The First Road Trip Post

Hopey's teacher (a.k.a. one of my favorite people on the planet) asked me to make an itinerary of our upcoming road trip (see below) so she can use it to do some math stuff, which I think is such an awesome, fun idea and makes me love her even more, and I have to say typing it all out got me super excited/super scared. I flip-flop between the following two possible trip scenarios:

A. We return stronger than ever, refreshed, with professional quality photos, absolutely zero fights, in fact the whole trip was full of thoughtfulness and no complaining. Everyone was thankful the entire time and nary a tear was shed. Respectable news outlets want to interview us about how to travel well as a family, and of course all the RV shows want to see the inside of our camper and steal all my organization tips. 

B. Everyone's lawyered up. 

Go ahead and start praying.


Day 1: Franklin to Little Rock, Arkansas (346 miles)
Day 2: Little Rock to Crater of Diamonds State Park (90 miles)
Day 3: No driving
Day 4: Crater of Diamonds to Dallas (234 miles)
Day 5: No driving
Day 6: Dallas to Dinosaur Valley State Park (80 miles)
Day 7: Dinosaur Valley State Park to San Antonio (217 miles)
Day 8: No driving
Day 9: San Antonio to Balmorhea State Park (369 miles)
Day 10: no driving
Day 11: Balmorhea State Park to Roswell (204 miles)
Day 12: Roswell to Albuquerque (199 miles)
Day 13: Albuquerque to Show Low  (246 mies)
Day 14: Show Low to Phoenix (179 miles)
Day 15: No driving
Day 16: no driving
Day 17: Phoenix to Grand Canyon (223 miles)
Day 18: Grand Canyon to Zion National Park (216 miles)
Day 19: No driving
Day 20: Zion National Park to Mesa Verde (331 miles)
Day 21: No driving
Day 22: Mesa Verde to Rocky Mountain National Park (424 miles)
Day 23: No driving
Day 24: No driving
Day 25: Rocky Mountain National Park to Cedar Bluff State Park (398 miles)
Day 26: Cedar Bluff State Park to Kansas City, Kansas (301 miles)
Day 27: no driving
Day 28: Kansas City, Kansas to Franklin (577 miles)

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Green Grass and Septic Tanks

I've had four people ask me about blogging just this week, which is so sweet and kind and helped me remember I have this blog! So I thought I'd just let everyone know all at once where I am

Three things:

1. I'm busy. I am so busy working and being Wife and Mom and Daughter and Sister and Friend and that is all I can do. And somewhere along the way I think I kind of got convinced I needed to do more, which is a flat out lie. My smallish life is enough. So while I do love to write and absolutely love to hear your stories, it isn't in the cards for now. At least not as often. But you never know when I'll have a tale that has to be shared, so I'm not going away completely.  

2. Our kids are getting older. They care about what I post and say about them. And while I do think they live here and we own them (Preston recently told one, "You owe us a hundred million dollars. When you pay us back you can make your own decisions.") and I can post whatever I want, I love them more than clicks or numbers and don't want to shame them. Most of my writing comes from mothering, because most of my life comes from mothering, but I want to be respectful of their little hearts and minds. If I post something they have seen it and approved it. 

3. I do plan on blogging throughout our big road trip coming up in June, so you are definitely going to want to tune in and see if Preston and I are still married what a great time we have during that month.

So know I am here, depending on the Lord to help me savor all this crazy I've been handed, wondering, "Why is the grass always greener over the septic tank?"