Saturday, January 30, 2016

Blogging for Compassion

If you have followed this blog since the beginning then you know we support Compassion International and the ahhhmazing work they are doing globally. 

You also know why our girls never get hot lunch

You know we are trying to raise them to be unentitled (I made that word up) in an entitled world.

And hopefully you've noticed the Compassion banners over there on the left of the screen that have been there almost since the beginning. (My girls check the number of kids sponsored All. The. Time. They would be thrilled to see the number go up!)

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Well, today there's a new widget.

It's the adorable "I Blog for Compassion" button. 

I am so, so excited about this. Preston and I have been praying about this blog lately seeking answers as to what I should be doing with it (if anything more than the therapy it provides for me) and how it can be used for the Kingdom. 

Then this opportunity popped up in my twitter feed. 

Don't you love it when prayers are answered on social media? Kind of makes my presence on there feel justified. (probably not five times a day, but hey, there's grace for people like me twitter addicts who constantly check for new tweets)

The focus is still family, still Savoring the Crazy, still the moments where #thestruggleisreal and I put all my parenting woes out there for you to commiserate with. 

But we think blogging for Compassion fits right into the "family" catergory. 

I will be writing about kids - kids made in the image of God and as valuable as my own in His sight. Kids whom He placed in a much harder situation that my own. (Maybe specifically so our family and yours could learn the joy of giving sacrificially?) And I will be writing about their parents, and their living space, and their culture, and the incredible ways Compassion serves, and how it fits into our lives.

So once or twice a month I will be sharing posts here specifically highlighting Compassion International, introducing children waiting for sponsors, pointing out ways to serve through Compassion even if sponsorship isn't an option for you right now, and opportunities to travel to visit Compassion kids. 

Next week I will tell you about our family's journey with Compassion and introduce you to our Compassion Kids. I'll share about the two hours one October day that changed how we think. 

Our story is a testament to how God is using Compassion to help us raise our girls, and...

Sharing this post may actually give a child 
the opportunity to meet Jesus.

No guilt trip if you don't share (I get nothing from this), but I was just struck again by what a gift it is to have our prayers for what more I can do with this blog answered! A simple blog post from a simple family who loves Jesus could save a child's earthly life and guarantee him or her a glorious eternal one. 

What a privilege to be writing towards that end. 

(And if you are hesitant to give money that will just go to overhead costs or to pay a big CEO's salary, know that Compassion has been around since 1952 and has been listed for the past 14 years in the top 1% of Charity Navigators' ratings. They are the best of the best at directing the most funds to the children for whom they exist.) 

Thanks for reading (and sharing) along! 

Grace for the things to come,

P.S. If you are a blogger too, go here to find out how you can blog for Compassion. 



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