Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Just Keep Breathing

I literally have allowed myself until the granola bars are done to write this post which gives me:

So I'm going to go fast.

There are so many horrible, horrible things going on and so many of my Dear People are on so many different sides of the issues. So the big thing here is just to Pray, Pray, Pray, without stopping, breathing prayers in and out all the live long day, and if we are all doing that and loving Jesus, then that is all we need to have in common.

So today, through all the mean posts and ugly comments and devastating news stories, I am going to "Live Right On" which is a quote from Wendell Berry's Hannah Coulter, best book ever, that a dear friend is getting tattooed on her wrist, fully supported by her husband (PRESTON!), and has become a motto of sorts. I think our generation would do well to learn a little more Living Right On and a lot less Wallowing. Do we or do we not know the end of the story? Let's live like it!

Anyways, living right on for me today includes a vacuum cleaner taped together and a vacuum bag so full of Rainbow Loom rubber bands I could...well, I don't know what exactly, but I could do whatever it is you are supposed to do with 87 million tiny rubber bands. 

See the tape on all pieces of the handle? 
Vacuum needs 
some oils or prayer or something. 

It also includes a costume for the oldest girl, who will give a report on the Greek goddess Demeter tomorrow, who is the goddess of the harvest. Lots of my Mom People are also putting this together, and can I just say the texts going around about this are HILARIOUS? While at the same time, infuriating. Nothing brings out mama's dark side like a good costume. Lucky for me my girls love some dress up, and we have two laundry baskets full of randomness for just that reason. 

I am also breathing in and out for a newborn babe with a blocked retina, a three year old with a sudden thyroid disease, three cavities in my own mouth that will require fillings and cursing, refugees whose husbands were lost at sea, elderly parents, wisdom, people who find themselves with water in their living rooms and no insurance to fix it, safety for my babies in their school, adoptions to go through.

All those things are HUGE! So enormous.

And God cares and is working and always will be working in those gigantic things.

But God, in His beautiful beauty and unmeasurable grace and love beyond my imagination also cares about the things like getting to school on time when car trouble has forced us to turn around - and we did get to school on time! 

And He cares about Greek costumes.

And He cares about alternators.

And He cares about vacuums.

Keep breathing, friends. The end is so good!


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