Friday, September 18, 2015

Being Hands and Feet (and Socks!) For Refugees

Today I am guest blogging for a group I love, Servant Group International. They are a non-denominational organization originally founded to help the thousands of Kurds who came to Nashville after the first Gulf War and are now working hand in hand with organizations inside Greece, Iraq and other areas of Europe to serve the thousands of refugees who continue to pour in. Here's a little excerpt:

I was very hesitant to write this post.
I know people who are now giving their time, energy, comfort—their very lives, in the middle of the war-torn area of the world that is home to the refugees I have been viewing in slideshows, on websites, and on blogs.
These people know there is a problem. No, not a problem; a crisis. They know all about the refugee camps, the broken families, the children scarred by the things they have been forced to witness, the mothers who won’t let their children out of their sight to even use the bathroom, the teenagers who will never get any further with their education, the pastor who fled without even his Bible.
Me? I’m pretty comfy here in my suburban American life. Got no reason to go to that seemingly God-forsaken area, other than the time I went to see the Holy sites. (Jesus was born here! Buy a keychain!)
But about a week ago, a picture was published that woke me up.

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