Thursday, May 21, 2015

Bibliophilia Update

Here are the final selections for the "Brooks Bookworms" (Eva's name) book club I am doing with the girls this summer. (Remember my sick ramblings and determination to make them bibliophiles? Hence the Brooks Bookworms.)

I read a lot of books from a lot of sources, more than I even listed on the side because the list was getting too long, and discovered lots of great reads. I also was able to pick out our next several read-alouds, which makes me feel super ahead of the game. (good for this Type A girl as our summers tend to get really unstructured, what with EVERYONE home and late night swimming, movies, games, and s'mores, during which I am sure to fall way behind the game)

We are starting with Little Pear, by Eleanor Frances Lattimore, Ramona and Her Mother, by Beverly Cleary, and Flora and the Flamingo, by Molly Idle, which I gave to them yesterday along with a clip-on booklight. Ironically enough, (I think ironically - my super smart realtor brother assures me I never use that word correctly) the child who takes all the hits got the one that didn't work. So, being determined to not let this happen, I raced back to Target and exchanged it, only to have the new one not work as well. I said some curse words (in my head) and promised her we would get a different one today. DANG IT!

Another side note - apparently there has been a playground discussion about "bad words" versus "curse words." Bad words are "stupid, shut up, etc." and, according to the wisdom of Elementary School, there is only one "curse word," and it is so bad no one in the history of the world has ever said it. (I am pretty sure I have, but we won't tell the three innocent girls that.)

Lillian is just beginning to read, so I chose some great books that are basically all pictures. She will make up stories to go with the pictures in her new 70 cent spiral notebook (where is the "cent" sign?) with her Dad, and then bring it on our outing and share with me.  

By the way, if any of these books look appealing to you, and you click through the links I provide in the "Brooks Bookworms" list, I get a very small something-something for directing you to a purchasing source. (amazon, of course) If you have a local, independent bookstore, try there first!

Happy Reading!! 


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