Wednesday, May 27, 2015

"Kids Will Blow Dandelion Fuzz...In Summer"

So far, almost everything about the one week of summer break we have had so far has had to jump to Plan B.

It has rained. A lot. After watching my newly-planted grass begin to brown like it's August, the last school bell magically opened the clouds above. Which makes the redneck pool very, very cold. I got in for a second and got hypothermia from the waist down. And the little people who are supposed to swim in it for hours on end swear they will stay in if I go to all the trouble of helping them yank their suits on. (Is there anything more confusing to a five year old, or for that matter a Man, than criss cross bathing suit straps? Neither one can EVER get the suit put on correctly.) But they have no, like no, fat on their little bitty bodies, which in itself is beyond my well-insulated comprehension, and one-by-one, at minutes three, four and five, give up on swimming, dripping their way into the mudroom and warping my hardwoods. 

Oh, and the redneck pool now has a redneck deck built beside it, which I would post a picture of, but it's raining, and I'm not walking out there. Deck building was definitely not my Plan A.

My weekend of resting did not happen. But we had a good weekend. It just wasn't restful. 

The big wrench in our summer so far has been the flu. Who gets the flu in May? Right at the beginning of what is supposed to be an epically awesome summer? Apparently Preston does. This is not anyone's Plan A. And if it goes through our whole family? Well, we might as well write this summer off. I'm praying real hard against that evil. He feels so bad he couldn't even get up to watch American Ninja Warrior with us last night. That show is something else. There's no way to watch it and then not do some pushups afterwards. Maybe if Preston ever gets over the flu we can train and be the first husband/wife team to get through the course. After we start to work out, of course.

Because of the flu we had to cancel on some friends who were coming over, leading to utter despair and me desperately choosing something off our Yellow Summer Sheet to do this morning. It just so happens there was a Groupon yesterday for a pottery painting studio, which is on our Yellow Summer Sheet, so we went and painted some things for Father's Day. (No worries about letting the cat out of the bag. He's too sick to watch ESPN so I know he won't be reading this blog.)

Flu notwithstanding, we have really had a great week; we have played exactly 25 million hands of Dutch Blitz, watched Brave and Cupcake Wars, popped popcorn in an old fashioned popcorn popper outside without the lid, hung curtains in the treehouse, read two books each (except me because East of Eden apparently grows pages), done a dance called the whip, and practiced tons of piano.

It grows thicker every time you touch it.

While I'm thinking about it, Brave is just about the worst movie ever made. This was only the second time we have watched it because the first time we watched it everyone was scared to sleep for a month. So we put it away for awhile and tried again. Nope. Still has a part that runs through one girl's brain. And I HATE the fact that in one scene the men don't have their kilts on. Animation is so realistic today, it feels like actual nudity to me. Why are kids movies like that? What is the point? I can't understand it. We attempted to watch a PG movie a couple weeks back that had the word "damn" within the first 10 minutes (I know because that's all the farther we got into it before Preston shut 'er down.). It also made references to illegal drug use. WHAT IS THE POINT IN A KIDS MOVIE? 

Just this week in my devotions a reference was made to a verse in chapter four of Philippians, so I read the whole chapter, and in it was a verse that had come up in a conversation with other girl moms about shopping for bathing suits this week, so I have had this verse running through my head ever since:

"...whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things." Philippians 4:8

We just can't let some of the things that are totally acceptable as "kids movies" get into the girls' heads, because as I said before, one girl in particular is struggling with a very unlovely thing she can't get out of her head, and this is not unique to her. Someday not too far in the future their brains will be more developed, they will be more mature and more able to see these movies, hear these words, watch the scary scene, but not THINK about them incessantly. Until then, we need to fill their heads with honorable, just, pure, lovely, commendable, excellent, praiseworthy things. And I don't think that verse only applies to children. Preston and I recently stopped watching a TV series because it reached our threshold for awfulness. And I'm ashamed to say we watch lots of unlovely things, but this series was just more than I could handle. 

Ok, totally didn't intend to go there.

Back to the summer.

We have not cracked the summer enrichment packets that came home. I am not sure I will ever have the will to. 

And there are some things about this week haven't been great, like the level of the volume in the house with all five of us here, the fact that there are Beados lodged forever in the knots of my rustic hardwood floors, the moon sand these people are playing with right now, (which is everywhere and makes me lose my will to live as I lecture about keeping it on, no ON, not off, ON ON ON the cookie sheet!), all of the construction paper I thought would last the summer has already been used to make paper airplanes that have no chance, none, of ever flying, the forcing of a child to eat her potato salad I knew she didn't like, reminded her she didn't like, explained to her that if I put it on her plate she would have to eat it, put it on her plate, and she didn't like it but then choked it down, and the total banishment to the basement after the wrestling got beyond what I could take. 

The smallest beads. Ever. 

That are sticky when wet. Awesome.

Note to Grandmas: When allowing children to pick a craft at Hobby Lobby, steer away from Moon Sand.


I love SUMMER!

Like Olaf.

Except, unlike Olaf, I know what summer is, and I know the bored, hot, skin-melting, mosquito filled days that are coming, and I cannot wait.

The day when they will return to the care of the teacher is so close already, even only one week in. Kindergarten is bearing down on me like a grizzly on a sleeping hiker (which is why I don't camp). 

So in order to savor it, I will not feel guilty when I send them to the basement and lock the door. When I make them pick green beans. When I force them to sit on the side of the tub and wash their filthy feet amidst their loud exclamations that it will just happen again tomorrow. When I make them complete a book. When I let them eat 87 popices. 

And I will let them make chocolate chip cookies without any help, and I will eat them as though they are ambrosia even when they ineveitably burn them (or overdose on baking powder). I will not mention the mud left streaked in the bathtub. I won't stop the wrestling match. I will do the hardest color by number ever with Lillian. I will (patiently!) help Hope sew the doll she is working on. I will snuggle with Eva the Early Riser at 7 am even though no one else will appear until 8:30 or later. 

And when Plan B becomes Plan A, I. Will. Savor. It. 

Grace for the Bored Days to come,

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