Thursday, April 16, 2015

Get Inside My Head...If You Dare

Total randomness from inside my head. And there is no order or coherence, kind of like always in my head. Read at your own risk.

The two boys playing chess in this picture are my nephews. They are playing to be the Chess Club Champion of the school. My brother has played chess with all three of his boys since they were little so it isn't surprising that it came down to these two, but very exciting and simultaneously heartbreaking for this auntie. I really am not competitive. Can't we just play, and then everyone wins? No? I'm out.

I think it's funny when one of my normally good-as-gold girls sasses a little. This is probably going to bite me in the butt in about 8 years. Last night at supper one child was complaining about the lack of anything edible, so I suggested she zip it until she had something positive to say. She goes, "I'm positive this meal is bad." I thought it was hilarious. I'm a good mom.

Very excited to read this book! May bump it up in my stack. Hear it's awesome. How could it not be with a title like that?!

Will anyone notice if I sweep all the dirt under the couches?

I think my family thinks the term "mudroom" means the room should actually be made of it. 

This is what he is thinking: "Me push trees down with big machine. Grunt grunt!"

"Me make fire with trees! Wife think projects sexy!" Ummm, no.

Why is it this one child of mine seems to take all the hits? Is it a coincidence? What is the Lord trying to teach her? What is He trying to teach us as parents? How can I love her so much that I sob, heartbroken for her when I put her to bed? How can I have feelings this strong for another human? How is it that before I met her, she never crossed my mind, while I was pregnant with her I used to worry I wouldn't love her because I was so sick every single day, and she was the cause, and now I would trade all the happiness and ease of my own life to guarantee happiness for her? Is this how my Heavenly Father feels about me? 

Why isn't it summer yet? The weather is perfect! Summer stinks compared to spring. And who is going to bathe these people?

I wonder why some posts are so popular and others aren't? I never can tell when I hit "publish," but it's always prayed over, so I guess the right people are reading it. Still, I wonder.

Speaking of summer, our Mastiff is already hot. Should we get her a haircut for summer? There are mixed reviews on this, but she basically spent last summer under the porch. 

She went around for like an hour answering only to the name "Preston." It got old. But we complied. 

How on earth did I not notice that one of these shoes is a size 5 and one is a 3 1/2? And not only not notice it, but not notice it for four months? And HOW DIDN'T THE KID NOTICE? But big shout out to Dick's who gave us the full price on a gift card, no questions asked. I think we will always get school shoes there now.

April 15 is my Christmas. Danger of frost passed, plant all the things! But why the selfie? Why did I need to be in this photo? I don't look good. I guarantee I haven't showered. Why do we take selfies? (If you see me without this hat it means I've showered and made an effort so you should compliment me.)

She is so beautiful. How did she come from Preston and me? Breathtaking.

Tomatoes are not apples.

We told the girls that from this point forward we would match whatever they have in their banks at the end of every summer and put it in their savings accounts, which are designated for a car, college, or a house. One girl said she wouldn't need a car for a loooong time. I told her the next 10 years would go fast. She rolled her eyes. If only she knew what I know.

Preston really does look like The Edge. Crazy. I wonder if anyone's ever told him he looks like Preston?

Sisters/BFFs. Until someone calls someone a "silly old poop." But really, sisters/BFFs then, too.

When will the rain stop? It is ruining things. Like field trips.

Although I selfishly don't care if it ruins field trips. 

I am horrible.

Oh, well.

I really do deserve hell. I am so, so thankful for Jesus. 

"Every experience God gives us is the perfect preparation for the future only He can see." ~Corrie Ten Boom



  1. I write what I believe to be Pulitzer-worthy blog posts and get nothing. Nada. Zip. Then I bang one out in three minutes and get 20 "likes." I don't understand it. The audience is a fickle bunch. And I've tinkered with the "comments" feature over the years and have never had one comment. I may very well not have it set up properly or I may just be that unfollowed or non-compelling. :)

    1. Do they have a Pulitzer for blog posts? Because you should definitely be nominated. I'll get on that. :)


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