Thursday, February 19, 2015

Snowpocalypse, Southern Blizzard, Snowmageddon, Snowed in FOREVER

A brief glance at our week. Do not mock the "Southern Blizzard" title. We have two inches of ice under an inch of snow, so while this may not be epic in your town, this is just about the best thing to ever happen to us. It also doesn't hurt that Preston is a PE teacher and is home for the week to help bear enjoy some of the fun. And I do have another post started I feel will be downright hilarious, particularly if you are a DIYer, but as evidenced by what our week has become, I cannot gather my thoughts. Maybe there aren't any left. This synopsis is all I can manage. 

We used to drag babies in this sled. 

But it worked for 8 year olds, too. 

Sledding is exhausting!!! (And so is walking back up the hill on a sheet of ice after you have gone down it. I have fallen more times than I can count. But Preston has fallen more. Which I think is hilarious. )

I really wanted to be thankful for the snowplow

drivers, but then I noticed this. 

Waffles and wine for supper. 

Grains and fruits. 

Win for Momma.

It was rather magical...

...until we noticed the Gigantor Mastiff 

pictured here was eating a deer leg (not pictured here).

So we went on a walk and found this. 

(Deer leg still not pictured here.) 

((Because the dog ate it.)) 

(((In case that wasn't clear.)))


...beget rednecks.
(click here to watch video)


...and this

have made this...

...bearable. This is their new game called "Opera Competiton." The first one to step back is the loser. Mommy and Daddy are the real losers.

And a few bonus texts from the week, just to get you through:

I'm losing the will to even try.


I am trying to remember when I last washed my hair...

I need a chance to miss my kids.

I'm not going to drive in this but I'm not above calling on neighbors in a wineless weather crisis.

I had to make a kid apologize to the other kid for growling in her face.

I won't be driving anywhere. I've never lived anywhere but here and this is a freakin' blizzard!

School is closed for tomorrow, too.....You are lying!!!

I told the Lord and my kids that I was D-O-N-E and went to take a shower.

Survive and advance, Ladies!!!!

(Need more texts? You MUST read this old post. Desperate for alone time? Read this one. Ready for your kids to get the heck back to school? Click here.)

Grace for the entire season of winter,

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